Shoping: Acne Archive, Sthlm

For all Acne lovers out there here is a stop you can’t miss visiting Stockholm, Sweden. The famous and cool fashion label has a small outlet shop for past collections and test pieces in the corner of Torsgatan 53/Karlbergsgatan 45.

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Holiday memory: Bois de Santal

I found this box of perfumed soaps from Paris tucked away at my mother’s attic. I think it was a gift from my father after a trip to Paris some twenty years ago. My mother try to get rid of things planing to leave her big house soon and I have to go threw my many saved collections of books, soaps, stamps, dolls, perfume bottles and more. This sented box of childhood memory (Is Roger & Gallet still there on 62, Avenue d’lena and still “by appointment to H.M Queen Elisabeth II”?), rose my passion for Paris again. I have not visited the city since staying there for a weekend at a friends place a couple of years ago and now a long to go back. Paris will always be special.

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Famous selection: Svartengrens, Sthlm

Go here for great cocktails for all senses. Or really good food, I have been told. Saturday night the place is crowded but we are lucky and get a table in the bar area almost straight away. Next to us sits a loud couple with two friends, talking at scream level and laughing hard. It is the celibraty couple number one in Sweden, tv-stars Kristian Luuk and Carina Berg. They live close by in this up and coming hood with lot’s of interesting food stops but this being one of the best accourding to reliable sources.

/Miss T

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Going to Croatia, this summer? This business card above fell out of a bag just now and made me remember our great vacation last summer. Here is a few guidelines.

1) Do visit Rovinj but no need staying in Pula. Go to Pula to see fantastic Roman ruins, visit at night before closing for a special moment and less tourists and no heat.

Rent a car. You really want to see the countryside, it is only 50 km drive from the breathtaking vineyards and mountain villages to the coast. Roads are in good condition and the highway better then at home and almost zero cars.

Rovinj is beautiful but small. Stay here for a few days to inhale the uniqe atmosphere in the old town. This is Italy the croatian way and the citiesens used to speak a kind of local italian.

Take your car to the beach camps outside Rovinj. The coast is rocky on this side so prepare with svim shoes!

Bed and breakfast and private apartment renting threw an agency can be great but also time consuming. The place on the picture above is owned by a lovely old couple. The pensionat is situated above Rovinj but it is walking distance to both the city center and the nearest beach spot. This place has faded charm and is clean and comfy with sea view from the upper stairs big terasse.

Don’t miss the fairytale town Motovun om the top of a funny toppy hill high above precious vinyards. Drink the local wine and stay at one of the hotels on the top. Here you have to taste the local and famous truffle, you either like or dislike but have to try.

/Miss T

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Miss T: Summer break in Italy

I just have to share this photo from last summer’s vacation in Trieste, Italy. The beach clubs were expensive and the public boardwalk meant rolling out your towel on concret more or less. That has it’s charm for a day or so (but stay longer and you have to buy a sun bed!) but this tanned italian stalion found an abandoned club for free. ;-)

/Miss T

Ps: if you want to go to the beach use public transportation because there is damn hard to find a parking spot for anything bigger than the smallest fiat!

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Hot spot: world's smallest libary

Everybody talking about this read little phone booth. Why? Not longer in use it’s destiny was settled, as many old one’s in Sweden, but a man with an incredible idea bought it. Now it is a public libary in the most ultimate way. I like the idea of someone saving history by making the comminity a service. In Sweden all phone boots has to go too. Telia put them out on the market a while ago for some 100 pounds but I was to slow in the start. I would like to have one of the really old green booths as a garden shed.

What would you do with a phone booth?

/Miss T

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My travel selfies

We all do them. All the time. They pile up in our camera roll when we travel. I used to come home with endless of pictures of scenic views and famous points and my parents complained of not being in anywhere in the photo albums. Nowdays there is as many of pictures but mixed up with a lot of smilies. I look in my album and se myself doing happy selfies infront of the Eifel tower, on a balcony high above a Venice canal and with skies on and Mont Blanc posterlike behind.

/Miss T

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