A map to the land of amarone

Posted: 18 February, 2011 in Luxury
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When a woman gets pregnant their seems to happen some dramatic things. I don´t mean the obious bump and canonball breast. Not even the much talked about higher sexdrive. Let´s face it, cravings are the buzzword. We all have them. With or with out the bump if it is that time of the month but when pregnant they can totally chang and be horribly strange.

Just this day a read about a tv-star that ate one box of kiwi – every night. Liqourice it can be -or just something that cracks between your teeths. My friend she got cravings for amarone! Amaging that. Going around craving amarone in nine long months – and good forbidd a mum to be for even taking one glass. She smelled in her husbands glass and maybe even sipped but didn´t drink. Just longed.

She told me it wasn´t red wine in particularly that she craved for, it was just that special glass of amarone. When she had popped the baby, a lovely baby boy, she popped the question: Can I have a big glass of amarone?

The secret, kept from me all these years, is that amarone is not another red wine in line. It is special. The sommalier Bengt-Göran Kronstam tells the storey in this weeks S:

Verona, close to the lake district, Italy is the place for love. The love of opera, the love Romeo had for Juliette and the love the local winemakers has for amarone. This red wine is a crescendo of a unique process, the grapes dries in open air in many months until this time of year (february) and just then they are pressed. They are then dry as russin and the essens is sweet and nutty. This is not an acient process but a modern take on the acient wine making practise. It was not until the 1950`s that the local wineries started making the wonderful amarone. The origin for amarone is a the small wine district Valpolicella that usually makes light and cherrylike wines that goes with pasta and pizza. Amarone is expensive to make but it is worth the extra mile – espicially with a piece of parmesan to snack  on, Bengt-Göran Kronstam adds.

Why don´t you take the easy jet – or in this case ryan air to Bergamo airport (much esier than bigger melanease once) and rent a car and go up to Garda and Como for a weekend too. Take a special driver with you, drink wine, eat good food and love.

Miss T spalsh the cash…

2007 Amarone della Valpolicella (nr 2740, 170 SEK)

2006 Masi Amarone Costasera (nr 2345, 265 SEK)

/Miss T

PS: Next time I tell you everything about beautiful Bergamo and soon give you the Bergamo vs Milan challenge.

  1. Jörgen says:

    Hello Miss T.

    Bra text om en av de bästa platserna (och bästa vintyperna) på jorden. Finns en del övrigt att tillägga faktiskt. Men tilll att börja med så är Alpha Zeta (Stort Guld A på en svart etikett) den klart mest prisvärda Amaraonen i standardsortiment (subjektiv åsikt, javisst!)
    nr 12343 199:-

    Tycker inte heller du ska missa att besöka gårdar som tillverkar Recioto (den röda varianten) som är ett sött efterrättsvin (och egentligen föregångare till Amaronen och dess tillverkningsprocess).

    Och om du ändå håller dig i Italien och vin så bör ju ett besök hos distrikten som håller Amarones “storebror” bokas in. Dvs ett besök i Piemonte för att avnjuta Barolo-viner gjort på den smått magiska druvan Nebbiolo (går ju även passa på att besöka Barbaresco då även om det kanske inte alltid når samma höjder).

    Tid är det ont om, goda italienska viner är det gott om. Vad göra?


    • Miss T says:

      Good words from a good man 😉 Thanx! Tell me more. Love the food and the wine! Intrigued by the landscape! Met a wonderful gentleman who told me the secret of a traditional carbonara – use the chin of the pig!
      /Miss T

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