Booked a trip to meet Dracula

Posted: 5 May, 2011 in Luxury, Uncategorized
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Transylvania. The region of blood and passion. Go there this summer to heat in the helio thermal lakes or cool off in the mountain rivers. Miss T go there for Dracula and Love.

Here is the place to be in july, Hilton in Sibiu. Make a lot of living for a few bucks.

Here is the place to be in july, Hilton in Sibiu. Make a lot of living for a few bucks.

I told I lie. Just a small one. I am not going to meet count Dracula. Who would like to?! But I am actually planning to visit the old bastards castle i Transylvania (Romania). Today we have booked the trip. We are going to fly in to the city Subiu in july for a weeding weekend but start with romantic night at Hilton Hotel (***** stars) and a visit to prince Vlad by father Dracul.

Hollywoods Dracula is actually an interpretation of a historical figure. Born in the city of Sighisoara in Transylvania, where his first home is preserved. He was cruel and is said to have put his enemies heads on stakes. I guess that if you go to Transylvania you have to visit the Dracula castel Brann, but I am also interested in history in general.

There is too much to do on too little time. There are so much to see in Romania that has it heart in a part of the world that masstourism still not has explored. The bride to be has an ulterior motive (she used to work in the tourist sector) by welcoming us new friends to her old country.

Miss T list wonderful places to visit in Romania if you don`t like Prince Vlads nest:

  • Take a trip to castle Jidvei and taste some local wine…
  • … and go to the monasteries Sucevita, Moldovita and Voroneti that is listed by UNESCO and called “The Sixtinsk chapels of the east”. The most visited landmark in this part of the country.
  • Look at the world from Maramures (1416 m), the highest point in the east area of the Carpathians. This is the land of the 300 years old wood churches – also on the UNESCO-list.
  • Take the day of at a nice spa-hotel in Sovata and a dip in unique helio thermal lakes. This used to be where upper class people went to cure in the 1800. The bear lake (the bigest of seven) is filled with hot and salted water that is “19-20°C in the surface layer, 30-40°C at the depth of 1 m and 40-60°C at the depth of 1.5 m” (reed more and book on lower budget on Hostel Sovata-homepage).
  • Do not forget Alba Julia, a historical city where every one has been – except modern beings like you and me! In this city in the heart of Transylvania kings has been crowned and goverments met since acient times. It was the regions political center in 900 A C . Ferdinand I was crowned here in what was then the newly born Romania (before Hungry). The Greeks and romans was here too… This year it is the city of love. Not to every one but to me. My friends is getting married here!

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