A travelers tale in thai

Posted: 6 November, 2011 in My friends around the world
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(… or how I tried to find myself but got lost in translation)

First smell of Bangkok. Odd. Confusing. Hot. Take a trip with a singelton.

Chapter 1: Confusing city. Bangkok. A lot of buses – if you find them – and even more bubble gum pink cabs. Took the Skytrain high above the traditional klongs with houses that seem to float on water (or what ever you call that muddy stream). Some beautiful wine red wooden houses on poles, others unhealthy shacks black from mold. The climate is just perfect not as hot as I expected. At least not in the afternoon when I woke up after a long nap in my air con-cool room at Bonsiri place hotel close to Chinatown, Pak Klong market and crazy Kho San Road. The air is moist. Have to buy the Prickly heat powder soon to avoid getting some ugly fungus on the skin, I think laying naked in my big bed spreading my legs wide and going back to sleep again. Jet laged in Bangkok.

/Miss T


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