Putting Kho San Road on the food map

Posted: 14 November, 2011 in Best buy, Budget, My friends around the world
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Maybe the most famous (or infamous) street in Bangkok. Kho San Road. It is not for the prostitutes and not for the hassel. The fame springs from the behaviour and benefits that faranges brought to this street. Take it or leave it.

Chapter 4: I knew that I walked in the right direction – untill I found out that I was lost again. Finally I found the famous Kho San Road, loved by some backpackers and despised by so many others. I could see I was among faranges and that this was the talked about streeth with bars in abundance and white faces turning slightly red drinking loads of beer. Yey, I was only a stone´s throw from the hotel. Here you can find everything from heaven to hell and among that tasty thai satay and guilty american hamburgers, tough thai massage and a great hair cut.

Now at first did I dared to eat dinner. It looked fresh and familiar. It looked like thai food at home, no more dried cochroaches (saw it this morning – didn´t taste), and no more deep fried fish with skin, eyes and bone or morbidly pale chicken breast.

I completed my evening with a dinner of spicy green curry and the company of a barista from New Zeeland living in Melbourne, Australia, that arrived yesterday and going to travel around for 2,5 months. Nice. He paid. That is how it is done in the world outside Sweden. The best curry I got on my trip – and the sade thing is I probably never find my way back to that street corner to taste it again. Wipe your tears there are always another corner for great taste.

Decided to take a tuk tuk to the hotel. The downpour hade stoped but the rain was still falling. The driver wanted 500 bath. No way, I responded. Don´t  raise your voice, I reminded myself. I was not that interested in bagaining but he tried to trick me. Noted the taxidriver earned 150 bath when we crossed over half the city it felt like. According to the touristinformation it cost about 500 bath to take a cab all the way from the airport to the city center (about 28 km). Indeed, he tried to trick me. He said 200 bath. No. 150. No. Then I said 20 bath just to make a statement. I was almost ashame, but only almost. I raised to 50.

His friend promised to take me. It is very close, I said. Only around the corner. Pyttsan! I am better at haggling then reading the map.

Miss T…

Best buy on budget: Don´t take it as a promise, but merely an advice, when I tell you to eat from food stalls in Bangkok. There you can get the best food for nothing, 20 bath in the corner and 10 bath at the market. Eat where the locals eat for the spicy and genuine taste. Of course people with less iron stomach the mine can get both heartburn and food poisoning but if you choose a stall popular among locals you should be in for a treat.

PS: I also met a indian guru in the streeth and he grabbed my hand. I can tell your future, he said. He had dark beard and turban. I see you are happy but you think to much, he added. I know that too, and I don´t want to know more, I thought and gave him a smile for goodbye.


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