Common travel doesn’t count

Posted: 8 February, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today three men is jailed in a country far away and risky to travel in. They are among a growing number of extreme tourist that rather explore the hostile than meet hospitality, according to Thomas Blom, researcher in science of tourism at University of Karlstad.
He means that these adrenalin searching travellets think Thailand are to crowded. Today you need to go to Burma and Bagdad to feel exlusive and show that you are on the edge of travelling.
With this thinking comes more risk. Some fight nature by crossing a desert or live in challenging enviroments with real people (that can’t just get a ticket out). Lonely Planet are mapping up every remote corner and that can give a false security, says Tobias Larsson, editor in chief, travelmagazine Vagabond. A varning can even trigger some travellers.(Source: Dagens Nyheter)

I wouldn’t say I am into risky business like that but I guess every travel lovet can understand the feeling of virgin country, untouched menories and wanting the amased-eyes-boyscout-adventure feeling. The Colombus/Linneus/Hedin experience to brag about. If we return. But most of us just settle with the dream because of that If.

/ Miss T


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