Fine to dine at North Korea’s first European restaurant?

Posted: 16 February, 2012 in Miss T ignores...
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That is the question! What is the answer…? Many will dine with the devil just to feed their curiosity in this case. The Swedes went to the closed country to produce hip jeans – and now the PR-machinery of the Kim Jong Un place a restaurant in the heart of Europe. The CNTraveller blogger have been there: “On my current reading list is Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son, a new novel set in the People’s Republic of North Korea. With its grim descriptions of North Korean citizens eating moths and even the floral tributes from the government cemetery in their desperation to stay alive, the book paints an unappetizing picture of life in the totalitarian state whose succession drama recently gripped the world. I’m extra fascinated by such culinary passages, having dined (covertly) in Europe’s only North Korean restaurant last week. Situated in the outlying Amsterdam suburb of Oosdorp, the newly opened Pyongyang offers an altogether perkier—not to mention more plentiful—vision of the country’s cuisine.”
Would you take a seat as a guest at North Koreas table?

/ Miss T


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