Dinner at Villa Godthem, Stockholm

Posted: 17 February, 2012 in Good in between
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Villa Godthem hasn’t got a visit from me since the summer. It’s about time I booked a table. This nicely decorated villa, built 1874 as a gift to the opera singer Carl Johan Uddman, opened as a public restaurant only last year.
It seems that nobody in Stockholm care about being one week before pay day nor worring about the economic troubles out there. The pubs and restaurants are occupied by people wanting to spend and knowing how to spend it. When our evening plans quickly changed by hostess falling ill it’s good to know a good restaurant a little of the beaten track, at least in winter time, but still only 10 minutes walk from the nights hot spots if you like to party. I prefer to walk along famous and posh Strandvägen to Villa Godthem on the green and royal city island Djurgården.

Other good restaurants to try in Stockholm if you pre-book a table:

Daphnes, Artillerigatan 56, with a french touch, good food and nice bar.

Griffins Steakhouse, Klarabergsviadukten 67, has a wide meatbased menu and comfy eclectic interior.

/Miss T


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