Hakkasan has opened in NYC

Posted: 11 April, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This is Hakkasan (faksimil).

This is Hakkasan (faksimil).

My boyfriend always speak in awe when Hakkasan, the high end fine dining chain, comes up. His favourite restaurant in London – and just missed the premier in The big apple. “The first Hakkasan opened in London in 2001, in a basement off an obscure alley. It combined velvet-rope cachet, a stunning setting bathed in indigo light and a menu of appealing, well-prepared though not always authentic Chinese food”, tells the New York Times.

Thuesday the prestigous restaurant opened in a huge space just one block north of Port Authority on 43rd Street. In London this Canotnese food palace with DJ booth and club feeling holds a Michelin star and high price level. Bring the huge wallet if you plan to eat the most expensive truffle enhansed dish for 888 dollar (a chinese lucky number maybe puts you in an even better mood). Or enjoy something light for an entree starting at 22 dollar. The Chef, Ho Chee Boon has brought his favourites with him from the brittish location but also put some new dishes on the menu to feed the New Yorkers.

Here you find no chinese fortune cookies but waitresses dressed by the designer guru Diana Von Furstenberg. “In New York, diners enter through an 80-foot corridor encased in matched slabs of Carrara marble, lighted dimly enough to avoid evoking Forest Lawn. The 60-foot bar, in blue frosted glass, takes its cue from Miami more than London. There is more seating in the bar, for walk-ins, who can order from the regular menu. And touches of pink embroidery on some upholstery are a departure from the chain’s typical black, blue and gray”, according to New York Times.


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