Travel with The daughter of Dracula

Posted: 11 April, 2012 in Europa, My friends around the world
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Last year I attended a wedding between two friends, the son of a wiking and the daughter of Dracula, as on speachholder put it. Now the bride Gloria Andersson, born and raised in Transylvania, living in Sweden, has just started a travel serves – Experience Transylvania. I am so happy to tell and promote it because I have so good memories from that wedding weekend near Cluj/Sibui. Sibui has beautiful square with many nice and affordable restaurants at night and good shopping by day. This was the European Unions cultural capital some years ago. We lived at the Hilton hotel outside the city center and close to the cultural parc.

The bride (and from this day CEO) had parallell to all the weeding planning taken the time to arrange good hotels and events for us farway guest. I had the best time! The wedding was beautiful, the reception was asume and the countryside, cities and golf resort we visited during this four day trip amazing.

I immediately felt I had to go back – soon. Gloria, who once used to work in the tourist industry as a travelguide in Romania and manager on a cruse ship in Austria, had choosen the perfect locations: a gun powder celler in the city wall for rehearsel dinner and cocktail hour after the wedding with historical karoliner-soldiers and canonball salute inside the Alba Julia citadel. Gloria said to me that she wanted to show the beauty of her country and she really did to all 50 guests who flew in for being part of this amazing couples wedding.

I also remember the fast stepping traditional dancers she hired along a rock band for the party and the generous food. If you take Gloria Andersson, the travel producer, by the hand I am sure you will have a safe and fun trip! There is a lot of other possibilities to visit the castels, vineyards, modern cities and rural traditional countryside towns but I think it is wise to use some kind of guide, Gloria Andersson or research historical tours and wine tours on the net, as this one to know what is nice and possible to see in a week.

/Miss T

PS: Next time I have to visit the wine castel Jidvei and go and see the unique hot lakes. Here you can read more about my trip to this wonderful country – and see Gloria´s and Peter´s wedding.

  1. Woooow! What a cool blog! Thanks for sharing this with your readers! And thank you so much for the feedback! It is very important for me to know what went well 🙂 I also accept criticism 😉 and turn it over into better service 🙂 so next time you go to Transylvania with me, you will be treated even better. Oh, Anna, I miss you, hope to see you soon again! Hugs!

  2. kolonistan says:

    Hey! I am so happy for you and envy your energy! Good luck. I know where to turn for advice when I go back next time – and I will. I was amazed by the beauty of Transylvania and the contrast between modern and traditional, mobile phone one hand and hourse with a wagon on the other hand. And do recommend the Hilton i Sibui to your guests, we had a great time there, great room and a nice spa.

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