Planning is half the journey

Posted: 25 April, 2012 in Budget
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Even as I truly think planning a trip is half the journey I almost never. I end up just wanting to go away, grab a bag and throw some pieces in and I am off for somewhere. Once my friend and I booked a holiday in Antalya, a rather big city at the sea in Turkey. We were looking forward to have both the joy of a bigger city’s shopping and museum possibilities and relaxing beachtime. We had bought two last minute tickets and it wasn’t until the plane landed that we realised we had to transfer to the smaller city with all the young party animals! Off course we had the best time anyway only different.
Going to Thailand past fall I had been talking about visiting the north. Down came mighty rain that poured for days and nights and put half the country in emergency alert. I went south, with the other tourists with our privelege to just leave, and met asume friends and found yoga.
This time around the opportunity to travel came sudden and unexpected. It was not my choice of heart to go alone but I really have to run off for some days to relax. I was thinking of Paris, love to visit my good friend there, and London where I have some special palls, but almost ended up in Palma de Mallorca cause it is a lovely city and beautiful sunny island. But just almost.
I gave myself a break to transfer between my on duty and off duty personality. Just for a day. Now sitting here relaxing in my small homebuilt greenhouse and planning one day a head. At the moment that is all I can do with my life…
I am really looking forward to visit neighbouring Copenhagen, Denmark.
I leave to night. Booked a last minute deal at a central hotel, just of Stroget and close to famous Tivoli. I love the danish tast for pastery and interior and I like to have some change of view after spending all awake time working in an office the past seven days.
I would love to visit hip “Köttbyn”, former butcher’s quarter and now restaurants and nightclub and maybe one last lost butcher. I want to revisit Vesterbrogade with all it’s multicultural charm and nice bar von Fressen (see earlier blog post). I have never walked the streets of Christiania so I might do that too – even though the last hippie outpost has been forced to conforme more.
So, see you soon in Copenhagen. It is time to pack my bags. Departure is just hours away!

/Miss T


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