Eating green philosophy

Posted: 26 April, 2012 in Best price, Miss T recommend
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Miss T recommendes…

… BioMio in Copenhagen’s up and coming meat pack district Ködbyen. This restaurant has a simple philosophy; good food. That means: The food is eco friendly and taste good. You order by the bar and sit on high wooden tables or in soft sofas benched along the wall. The soft jazz playing on the speakers gives an intimate feel. This is my final stop today. For others this is a place to stop by for a beer and veggies dipped in root aioli, humus or “bönne rörelse” – beans, eggplant and garlic. The trendy go here for some trendy raw food (cooked at only 42 C grades). I just got my red cabage salad with orange and chicken (added) but without lovely pomegranates, they are out of season. My sallad looks delicious! Smaklig spis!

/Miss T



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