Best holiday advice: Swim in the sea is healthy

Posted: 7 June, 2012 in Best holiday advice
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I just found this lovely blog called Hemsley & Hemsley, two healthy sisters that write recipies for Vogue. They share tasty (it seems, at least) food, green philosophy and knowledge in a hearty way. It seems there is a good way of doing sunbathing, beeing in the swim suit in the water (or without it in the water) since salty sea water is said to be good for your body. It cleans your inner, heals your scares and relaxes you, says the sisters. It contains magnesium and pottasium , the later enters threw our biggest organ, the skin,  and make you wanna pee – so you flush out bad chemicals.

“So if you’re on holiday near the seaside forget the heavily chlorinated pool and spend your day in the healing sea. An added bonus for taking a dip is you get to sun your white bits in the privacy of the sea.  Just watch out for snorkelers!


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