Late night in my hometown

Posted: 17 June, 2012 in Europa, Miss T loves..., Sweden
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Miss T Loves…

… her native hometown, Jönköping, lakeside community called “gorgeous” by worldtraveller and guitar icon Slash.

Hang at the beach: Play beach volleyball and take a chilling dip in the great and very deep and famously cold (not always) and always fresh lake Vättern. Stay to see the sun set and light a fire under the light summer night sky.



Eat at good restaurants: If you like good food without a big crowd but with talk friendly music and urban water view go to Terassen at the new concert hall Spira. Later you can stop by Studion, Småländska Kolonin or Twin for a drink or two.


Walk everywhere: It is not far to anything, you can easily walk from the hotel to the beach or to any popular restaurant or to visit the town museum and outdoor city museum. Even by night it is easy and safe to walk home. The central park is beautiful by night, stop and kiss your date.


Only warning: A sunny day and warm evening can still invite thunder and heavy rain. If you do not like to look like a miss wet t-shirt call a cab (+4636313131) before you leave the pub.

/Miss T


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