Dimaga is king at Dreamhack – not

Posted: 19 June, 2012 in Europa, Postcard from, Sweden, Uncategorized
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Postcard from Dreamhack

So excited! First visit to Dreamhack Summer 2012: The big explosive final in Starcraft, broadcasted nationwide on real national Svt first time ever and international too. Dimaga is the big star, I understand by the fans cheering him on.

“See you soon!”
Dimagas sista ord till fansen innan han kampen.

“Even if I loose Dimaga deserv it.”
Manas sista ord innan Starcraftfinalen på Dreamhack Summer 2012.

Before game 3: #mana is up two games… “he can be super aggressive” and “we can see him walk out” with victory “in only three short games” #

Dimaga is still alive. Mana is in trouble. Third game ends in triumph for dimaga, the fans goes wild!

/Miss T



New king in town: Mana. Robert, ceo at Dreamhack is cheering the newborne Superstar: you have gone full circle, almost won in 2010, now you did it.



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