East beach at the west coast

Posted: 1 July, 2012 in Best holiday advice
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Miss T on best holiday advice:

If you gonna do it real beach lifestyle there is only two or three places in Sweden you can go. I do it the west coast way in number one summer city Halmstad. The beaches here is great and long. Per Gessle from the famous duo Roxette was born and raised here and have never left. He continue to write swedish summer hits about his hometown and the life at fantastic Tylösand-beach: “All year I have been waiting for June, july, august, everything seems easier then (in) June, July, august…”.
Today I spend some time on the East side of town and the low key beach there. Tomorrow we hopefully can take the cab up north to Tylö and hang on the brighter beach and do the classic after beach with band and beer!
But for now I am totally fine with chilling here with a book and boyfriend.

Best beaches in the number one summer hit Halmstad:

Tylösand: looking at the croweds and baywatchers, the longstreatching beach for hourlong walks, the clear and warm water, the kitesurfers and after beach band, the amazing sunset from Bettans bar and seafood on the plate or grilled meet at restaurant Salt located in the waves.

Östra Stranden: for lovely lonely walks with the dog in the strong breeze or skinny dipping on the right spot with likeminded nude people, and for strolling among the beach cabins colored like a kids book.

Påarp/Laxvik: for stunning wildbeauty and ancient marks, for sandy beach and picking shells and romantic walks on rocky ground.


/Miss T


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