Holiday relax

Posted: 2 July, 2012 in Best holiday advice, Europa, Sweden
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Best Holiday Advice:

I try to meet myself when I go on holiday, in day to day life you sometimes loose sight of your goals, values and priorities. My holiday is about having fun, laughing is good for your heart – and soul, sleep good and take a nap or two, and move my body. I want to get into yoga again and run more frequently but I try not be too hard on myself if I bail out. A good advice is to run with your friends, talk pace is my run place, because then you do not feel like skipping it to meet them on the pub. Today I ended the run session with some relaxing yoga moves to strenghen body and soul. I could hear yoga teacher Rory Trollen’s peaceful voice calming my mind with “the gentle wave of relaxation”.

/Miss T

Ps: If you are far away from the city buzz and fancy yoga classes it can be a great opportunity to practise yoga outside under a shadowing tree or at the beach. If you don’t know the moves that well bring your computer with yoga dvd or youtube a session on your iPhone. It gives a new dimension to your yoga.


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