A Tasty bite of Copenhagen

Posted: 6 July, 2012 in Best price
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Miss T on best price:

Copenhagen is full of water but Nyhavn is the first and best place for a dinner or lunch right in the city center but still seaside. At least if you want plenty of restaurant to choose from and a lot of people to look at. This old port quarter houses many pubs and restaurants in different price ranges. The other day when it was hot and sunny we took a lunch paus in the shadow at Barock a long the pittoresque canal with townhouses in different colors and shapes. We had club sandwich and beer for just 20 Euro each. A good price in a neighbourhood every tourist in the danish capital visit to drink beer or eat. And of course, if you like to taste the danish speciality “smörrebröd” you can get that at almost any place, it is slices of ray bread with traditional spreading, meat and pickels. I have heared that the best one, made for the king, you will find at Ida Davidsen. Been there once and I would say that it takes a while to find your favorites among 250 different sorts.

/Miss T


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