To do a sunny danish day

Posted: 6 July, 2012 in Europa, Miss T recommend
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Miss T recommends:

If you wanna do a different city tour in Cooenhagen boat is the best. If you are short of money (or just easygoing) take the yellow boatbuses from Nyhavn to the new Opera house to look at this beautiful piece of modern art standing with old as beautiful neighbouring houses. The you can hop on again and go all the way to Tegelbacken or jump of at lively Christianhavn or sea bath.

If you want a guide you should take the low sightseeing boats. There are stops near Stroget, outside The Opera and among others in the canals close to famous freetown (and Cooenhagens biggest tourist attraction, it says) Christiania.

There are also more uncommon ways to see Copenhagen from the water side. Above you see the renting location for boats and cayak, it is close to Stroget at xxx. With a cayak or a boat for five you can go under many bridges not open to bigger boats, but do not forget your lifejacket!

/Miss Travel

Ps: There is also a lot of rickhas, cykling taxi drivers, around for your amusement. If you can keep yourself from pity this might be a good way to see Cooenhagen if you are not on good foot with your feets. Otherwise, rent a bike or tandem bike for two!


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