In the news: Gourmet Kadeau

Posted: 7 July, 2012 in Europa, In the news
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The city’s best for curious foodies:
You may have heared of the gormetrestaurant Noma or even been there. But there is a new sheriff in town, according to the guide AOK and many other awards. The newborne star on food heaven is Kadeau on Vesterbrogade 135, Copenhagen. Noma had to move down after years of being number one and leave the premier place for a much smaller restaurant and a menu inspired by the seasons and food like on beautiful island Bornholm. The talk on the town is it was a fight where David won over Goliat. “On almost every area it was Davids victory over Goliat: Noma has been the first of The Worlds 50 Best for three years, AOK writes. Noma has 50 chefs in several big kitchen, one of the a labb, where as the cousin from the countryside Kadeau has just one small kitchen not even enough for the bigger crowds to come. At Kadeau a five meal course cost about 70 Euro and at Noma more than the double. Noma has a waitinglist.
– My danish colleague had to book three month’s in advance, my banker-friend tells me.

Kadeau (filial), Vesterbrogade 135, Copenhagen.

Noma, Strandgade 93, Copenhagen.

/Miss Travel


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