Planning for Paris

Posted: 8 July, 2012 in Europa, Miss T loves...
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Miss T Loves…

…that everything is settled for a great holiday. Tomorrow my boyfriend will drive me to Gothenburg City Airport – the closes from here. Departure time 09.30. My budget flight arrives at Paris Beauvais 11.45 am. From there I will take the airport shuttle, is said to leave every half an hour or so and coast about 15 Euro. I will be in Paris in no time – or rather 80 minutes. A piece of cake! I land at Porte de Maillot and take the Metro from there. I took a look on the map today and found out that my good friend Katrin’s apartment is on that side of town, great! I Will take me about 30 minutes I guess to go from there to the station Jean Jaures at Bois de boulogne (famous forest park) where she will meet me. I wonder if the move to Paris chiced her?!

/Miss Travel

Ps: I have also booked the TGV train by SNCF from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Nice on the french riviera, 107 Euro today by “print it yourself-ticket” but the price is sometimes as little as 25 Euro for this speed train that take me to the sea in 5 hours 37 minutes.


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