The pink panter on wheels, anyone?

Posted: 5 August, 2012 in Sweden
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Have you ever travelled with the famous pink caravan? And more so, have you ever really seen it on the road? I have not and not. But to go on tour with the pink bus was my biggest dream aged fourteen-something. I had seen poster’s at my school, poster’s speaking out loud about adventure. Later I saw adds in magazines and ordered the full travel plan; Africa in 8 weeks, USA from coast to coast and sleeping on the pink roof in South America, sort of. Today I saw one – in Sweden. That was my good exotic. Brought back memories of my undone roadtrip. My boyfriend hot my attention when hevasked: What is the pink caravan actually? I did have a thousand answeres but no one was really true because I have never met anybody who travelled the pink way yet even my boyfriend knew the company as soon as he laid eyes on the bus. Is that good or bad branding? I only just found out it is company founded in Sweden as early as in 1969!

Miss Travel

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