Postcard: A holy place on earth

Posted: 16 August, 2012 in Postcard from, Sweden
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Today I was in the most holy town in Sweden. It was here Saint Birgitta founded her convent that still exist to this day. Vadstena is the name on this lovely cobbled stoned town with small lanes and streets lined with wooden houses in the shadow of the huge grey castle (above), built by the famous king Gustav Vasa in 1545. On the other side of town is the convent – and on the left hand one of Europe’s deepest lakes and on the right beautiful fertile and rich farm land as far and beyond what the eye can reach. Close by is Tåkern where bird watchers have a party. In mediaval time the pilgrimages made this small town a Mekka and still today both japanees tourists and german families are seen round and about.

To do:
• Visit the uniqe royal castle lately restored in it’s old glory with a beautiful square courtyard and a museum.
• Take the scenic route around the north side of the lake Tåkern, manors, cottages, farms that are looked after with love (and money) to pittoresque perfection. Then visit Tåkern for it’s special birdlife.
• A walk around town is a time travel. You can see top modern boats next to the castle, look at historical railway wagons and even go with a pedal dressin to the next village.
• End the summer evening with some outdoor barbecue at the local pub, a consert with a Swedish music icon (this weekend!) or crazy golf.

To buy:
• Aniques. There are a lot of antique fairs and fleemarkets in and around town. Here you also find a shop for handmade “knypplad” lace.

To sleep:
• Book a night (or retreat) at the convent if you need peace of mind. Or the regular hotel Slottsgården, a impressive castle-like building with pub and restaurant.

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