Fly into Bhutan

Posted: 31 August, 2012 in In the news
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“It’s with mixed feelings that one consider the rising popularity of Bhutan – a country that stands apart in the Himalayas precisely because it has been saved from the damaging effects of tourism that have ravaged the rest of Asia for the past 30 years.”

Sophy Roberts, Travellista, in magazine How to spend it

Many years ago I was renting a room in an old ladies’ big apartment in the better parts of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. One day when I came home from university my landlady had long away guests and asked me to stay in that night to translate between her and them. The two young men where touring traditional dancers from Bhutan who spoke rather good english but the lady didn’t. I got a note as a memory from them and an invitation to contact the if I wanted to come to Bhutan. In those days that was almost the only key to this remote and mystic highland. I never went. Lost the adress to that man but kept the note tucked away in a uni book. Now and when I look at it an remember that extrodinairy lady and the guests I met there. This month, flight connections to Bhutan has stepped up with new direct routes from Singapore and Mumbai into the country’s only international airport Paro. Fly in with Druk air. Maybe I do.

/Miss Travel


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