Meeting with a colorful artist

Posted: 16 September, 2012 in holiday memory, Miss T loves..., Sweden
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The colorful May K Leon is an artist with vivid paintings in shifting techniques, often combining different mediums. This summer I was invited to visit her studio at home in Halmstad, Sweden. It is as colorful as this lady’s art and soul. She showed us generously how she works and her ongoing projects and opened her boxes with collected treasurs to use further on. I loved the print pastisch she made out of inspiration from the famous danish artist Kröyer and the festive smorgordsbord-painting from Skagen – but with her own signature and personal color scheme. She has a many storeys to tell and every painting has a history.
– My pictures smells of heavy perfume, flowery greenery and sometimes of a tasty cigarr. Welcome into my world, says May K Leon.

See more of May K Leon’s work here.

/Miss Travel


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