Strasbourg is Europe’s heart

Posted: 17 September, 2012 in Europa, My friends around the world
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“Strasbourg, the place to be.”

Qote: Sanna, Latvian Supervoman and EU-hangaround

To do: Visit the big EU bubble and get lost in the long corridores. If you are lucky, once a month it is a session in plenum, you will see a historical speach or at least some poli-huligans rocking the arena. I saw some getting kicked out, never happened in Swedens national parliament – ever!

To eat: Chez Yvonne with checked table cloths in red and white has had the big European politicians dining. A place where Sarkozy at least used to visit during his presidency. Another pop place for politicians an lobbyists is fine dining hub Au Crocodile. So if you are a pol-groupie, go here!

To go: Fly in straight to Strasbourg or take the speed train that opened some five years ago and will change how this germanized part of France relate to Paris and all french. Recommend to visit Strasbourg during the december session because the Christmas fair is famous and make this small cosmopolite town magic.

/Miss Travel

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