Finally decided on Val d’Isere

Posted: 28 September, 2012 in Europa, Miss T loves...
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So, I finally decided on Tignes, 2100 m above sea level. But wait, yes, then I found out it was sold out at UCPA. I choosed it for the chance to get off pist before everybody else, 100 meter from the lift and sunny side up-chance. Guess a lot more ski fresks like me choose pouder before party but they where faster. So, I had to rethink and decided, finally, on Val d’Isere. That is not to bad as the center is in the medieval old town, close to the lift and ski bus if you going far. Let’s hope I can get the bell to wake me up as this really means “if you snooze, you loose!”. This year I am going for the next level of craftmenship in the pist (and off pist, let’s pray for an old mountain guide!). When I closed the season two years ago I was almost on level “confirme'” but last time was a disappointment since I got the flu and couldn’t ski well (remember I was even moved down for a couple of hours!) My boyfriend want us to go on a regular skiing trip but I just want to get so much better. Sometimes I even dream of going without him just to practise and get better than him!

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