Finally. Tonight Downton Abbey, third season, airs here in Sweden. Longing. Now love is in the air! See you at St Mary’s.

I am absolutly in love with Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) who always want to do the right thing but end up hurting people. But I also love Downton Abbey because the house (Highclere Castle) is amazing.

If you want to visit this fantasy world in real it is only 52 minutes by train from Paddington Station in London to Newbury and then 15 minutes in a cab. As long as you go to London first. Since I have done London, love it too, maybe this journey can be the next step for a anglomaniac as me. Or you.

And now it is over. First of third is under my belt. I am all blushing. In love again. Matthew is a married man and lady Mary looked like an incarnation of my grandmother in her 1920’s updo, leaf tiara and veil. A beautiful backfisch figure in dusty petal white. The people in the village (Bampton in Oxfordshire) was on there feet to wave the flags to her as the hourse and wagon passed on the way to church (St Mary’s).

Take the train from Paddington station in London to Oxford (make it a two day-trip and make time to do the Oxford walk) in 56 minutes. Then the coach – Stagecoach – for almost an hour to the Bampton square. Great to walk into the real thing – one of the oldiest traditional english villages with pubs and antique shops.

I would love to walk around in the rooms of Downton Abbey. Maybe I will be disappointed but next time I give it a shot. The castle is open for public view. But if you want to spend your wedding night at the same level as Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley I think you shouldn’t try your luck – here. Expensive, but oh so splendid to stay at born again luxury St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London (above), build 1873 and reopend again last year after 76 years of sleeping beauty. The price tag is something that would make poor Lord Grantham weep, 200 pound for a small double room and ten thousand tears for the royal suite. If you want to start the first day on the new year in class it is still rooms available for 199,75 pound on january the 1-6. It’s a bargain, Lord Grantham!

/Miss Travel with facts and inspiration from Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.


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