Julemanden. That is Santas name in danish. To experience christmas the nordic way head to Copenhagens famous amusementpark Tivoli. I know I would love to.

It is only the 16 of november but Santa opens up the gate for christmas fair at Tivoli. The traditional big christmas tree is also lit and he moves in to the new 1400 m2 theme park. Last year Tivoli opened a russian theme and this year it is adding a nordic. The russian area has this year got a new carrousel in tsar style. The nordic welcommes the guests to experience jule like it meant to be in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Finland’s traditions is, according to the PR-letter, left out. The kids can make a gift list and give to Santa at his christmas cabin. Mechanical mini Santas will make the visit happier and maybe you will meet the cool russian Father Frost too.

The nordic christmas fair also include 50 table shops with various handcrafts and you can also buy do it yourself christmas decorations in Scandinavian style.

Christmas at Tivoli is open from the 16 of november to the end of the month, except the 24 december (christmas eve), christmas day and new year. This year many of the fine restaurants are open on new years eve. Don’t miss the fireworks festival between christmas and new year, the black winter sky will be painted with colorful lights every evening.

This is christmas at Tivoli:

  • The weeping willows is decorated with 100 000 lights.
  • Denmarks highest fake christmas tree, 12 meter, is places on the fake russian cathedral.
  • The christmas trees is decorated with 102 350 lights.
  • 50 christmas decorated julecabins with gods
  • 30 000 lights put in the christmas garlands
  • 35 000 christmas bulbs is put up
  • The theater is playing Charles Dickens Christmas tale
  • Last christmas 18 055 mugs fo glögg (mulled wine) and 6511 plates of christmas pudding (rise porridge) was sold at Tivoli.

/Miss Travel

Ps: Don’t forget, there is now swedish christmas without the “pepparkakor” – ginger bread. I will soon make my own.



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