Road food and weekend food plans

Posted: 7 December, 2012 in Budget, Europa, Miss T recommend, Sweden
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Miss T recommends…

…making a long bus trip into a comfy moment. After two days of hazardious snowy weather with lots of accidents I desided to leave the car at home and take the coach to Stockholm instead. That means a healthy 20 minutes walk from home to the bus station (skip the trolley and take the big backpacker – it is snow everywhere!), time to get a lunch box to go (went with pershian/libanes food – chicken, hummus, labneh sallad) and then four hours of beautiful views (a frosted winter landscape) and a good book, today’s newspapers and my computer full of funny film (entertainment if I not just take a welcomed nap). Bonne apetite!

/Miss Travel

Ps: This weekend I will try to get a table at premiering restaurant Taverna Brillo.


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