To buy: Analog travel log

Posted: 4 January, 2013 in Best buy, Miss T loves...
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Miss T Loves…

…an analog travel journal for next trip. This one from Cavallini & Co (San Fransisco based company) for 129 SEK (about 17 Euro) get my romantic heart beating. On my first trip to US – living in an Indian res. for a month – I kept notes and bills and small memories and odd sketchies in a Wonder Woman notebook. When I was an exchange student in Estonia I wrote my life in another – and when my boyfriend left for studies in Holland I prepped one for him with Swedish recepys, algeas and shells from his salty hometown. When I went to Thailand alone for a month my travel notebook was my best friend some lonely nights and my most treshoured item to help me remember many happy days.
I love to keep this digital travel log but I know it is a different feeling to find an old diary and read those private thoughts about people met and places seen when the emotions and sometimes travel conditions can be seen in the handwritten letters.


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