Memories from the stairways to heaven

Posted: 12 January, 2013 in Asia, holiday memory, Sweden
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I found a lost memory today in my wallet and almost threw it in the bin along all the other paper junk. It was an ordinary ticket strip for the tube, tried to use it but it had expired over a year ago.
I sighed but just as I was to threw it away I saw some notes, printed in a hurry with an ink pen, on the backside: “Tiger lived there. A natural cliff in the form of a tiger’s paw. Hundres of years. Old trees. Kiriwong valley.”
Just more than a year ago I backpacked alone in Thailand. At first the notes did not make any sense but then I remembered the day I took a taxi by myself, meaning sitting back on a fast pick up trip that was unsafe and so long I almost started to believe I was fooled, to a famous Wat with the stairways to heaven as main attraction. There was a tiger cave too.
So, I did what I always do when I have to check if my memories was autentic – googled “Kiriwong”. I found the amazing panorama service (try) and looked around but still I did not have my answere. But I travelled back in time and so I got my memories back. The valley without tigers but unkept dog gangs. A world hidden from light. And on the top of the hill in ful light a Buddha so golden and big it draw the eye to the peak miles away. I saw it – from the ground!
I have a good physical health so that was not the problem. I started climbing the steps one by one. Stopping to drink water. I conquered 100 or so. The view was beautiful and this monument more fascinating with every step. I lost count as I had to focus on where to put my feets as the steps grew higher, became narrow and iregular. I wanted so much to reach heaven but my climbing turned into an unwanted hellrace when the highfobia came along.
I got some great pictures of young sweaty monks coming down from heaven but I still has My visit left. Would you dare to try?

/Miss T shares memories on the airport shuttle


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