Push powder off pist

Posted: 16 January, 2013 in Europa, Miss T loves...
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Miss T Loves…

…to push powder. If I was ten years younger I would leave work to change into a skibum. Last night I talked to the swedish (!) barmaid at Petite Danois (the tiny dane…), the girl had only three drink recipies on her CV, but I envied her to have three days free for skiing a week, that is life quality. Today our instructor took us skiing off pist all day. It was the best day, cold and sunny and dry snow. Perfect conditions. Had so much fun and learned a lot while playing like kids. At the end of the day the instructor smiked and said: You were really good today. Made my famous smile even brighter but the happy caracteristic giggeling I save for tomorrow. My tracks are at the left on the above picture. It was like painting on big flyffy clouds half way to heaven today.


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