Ten(d) to eat at

Posted: 1 March, 2013 in Best holiday advice, Europa, Fab food, Food, Luxury, Sweden
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Today my wonderful boyfriend has suprised me by booking a table at Pontus! One of the best restaurants in Stockholm.
Even better is the bargain concept that open up the luxury food to the bigger public since they have half price tag on the menu between 5-7 pm. So, affordable if you think it is okey to eat just two courses in to hours!
Here are some great restaurants I want to taste in a Stockholm that talk food everywhere:

1) Pontus!
2) Nosh and chow (New!)
3) Lux (For sale! Guide Michelin star)
4) Urban Deli (nice staff, hipsters)
5) Berns asiatiska (Restaurant of the year 2012)
6) AG (meat!)
7) Köttbaren (more meat!)
8) Miss Voon (expensive and crowded)
9) Brillo (New concept mets traditional)
10) Pubologi

/Miss T


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