Those travel moments

Posted: 5 March, 2013 in Europa, Sweden
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You know that odd feeling when the train you are on suppose to stand still but seem like it moves when the train next start rolling. Just happened. I am on the train home but it says “Köpenhamn” on the cart and I really would like to follow. I always get that urg on a train, wanna keep on going like I am on a run away train (remember that song?!). Buy a train ticket and anything can happened is said with irony in Sweden but today I use the phrase in it’s most magical sense. The other train is gone and opened up space for a funny suprice: Two odd ballerinas. I wont get to quirky Copenhagen or chic Paris today but I still got a fashion moment 08.09 am on my ticket.

/Miss T

Ps: Had an art moment too…



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