Miss T Loves…

… the new kelim cushions from Istanbul’s bazaars. First I bought the front one from a small family owned shop in the Great bazaar’s ancient hani for only 20 TYL (about 8 Euro). Then I wanted one more and then one more… and now I regret I did’t buy for my livingroom too. The smallest and the biggest is patchwork with pieces from old carpets, the youngest piece on the front one is 45 years. Often the old carpets is more beautiful I was told, since the women made it for their own household and the newer is made on commission. I did not walk around with the already bought once so I am happy they fit well togather, have their own personality but still match in color. I love the muted pink and rusty red and that they look worned and faded. They carry secrets cause every rug has a trademark pattern from the region where it was made and different symbols with a meanings. By far my best buy on the trip to Istanbul so if you go (do!) you have to collect some. Later on I will give you a guide to the best shops, most beautiful spots, must sees and places to be, so be sure to tune in soon again.

  1. Mamma says:

    Jag är på Nichlas Ifone o skriver. Jättefina kuddar. Helena o jag har varit ute o promenerat m Accica nu ska vi äta morotssoppa mycket god o nyttig. Kram fr oss alla

  2. Bulent Aslan says:

    We were very happy to see you in istanbul.
    Hope to see you again.
    Bou get everything your heart desires.

    • kolonistan says:

      Hello! Nice of you to check in here. I would love to go back to beautiful Istanbul. Next time I want to visit the (Prince) Islands and the bazaar – again. The hotel was just at the right spot in the Sultanashmet – close to everything and still not loud noice from bars or the street, instead our room overlooked a green park. Lovely! I will recommend everyone to visit.

      Miss T (A A)

      Ps: Please, give me your best inside tips on Istanbul or Turkey. I just live the country and the hospitality I have experience the several times I have been on holiday there

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