Save the Amazon!

Posted: 9 April, 2013 in Miss T recommend, south america
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Please help us defend our river and future generations by signing this petition.

Sheyla Juruna, Juruna Tribal Leader, Brazil

This is a special cause not another blog post on travel.Help the tribes to save their homes in threatened areas and vulnerable indigenous populations in the Amazon rainforest. How: Stop the Belo Monte dam that will flod an areas as big as the city of Chicago and leave 40 000 people homeless and disorientated. Sigourney Weaver, knowned from the Hollywood movies Alien, has engaged in the fight against the hydroelectric dam complex on the Amazon’s Xingu River with great beauty and bio diversity. Look as these movies and sign the petition here. The government has to change it´s order to construct a dam of dirty energy.

/Miss Travel


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