The bloody bazaar!

Posted: 9 April, 2013 in Best holiday advice, Europa, holiday memory, Postcard from
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I don’t know what the sign says but the doctor’s pets is bloody scary. Would you like a leech to take home? They seem to be a big hit on the Istanbul spice bazaar’s cornershops where green plants and flowers was put in the shadow by the many attentain demanding pots of leech. I know they say the can be put on a cut off and sawed back hand to ease the blood supply. And I have heared they put them in the face to attack puffy bags under the eye. But Doctor Sulukthe’s list much longer than that!

  1. Haha, yes, a lot of weird stuff in the bazaar… I myself bought a Turkish tea serving set. Got a kitchen magnet for free 🙂

    • kolonistan says:

      Lovely. I bought, as you can see in another post, three fantastic kelim cushions, just perfect. If you look beyond the fake bags (I am not a bag lady…;-) and crap you can find so much gems: the, spices, kelim carpets, soap, ceramics and pashmina scarfs for very good prices.

      Miss T

      Ps: Hope to see you next time in Sthlm

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