Cuba to Croatia

Posted: 29 May, 2013 in Budget, Europa
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Last night it was all about Cuba. It was hot and exciting. Today my boyfriend told me it was to hot – in july. So he thought about Italy. I damn hot too. I rather go to the very south of Spain (Alhambra, Cadiz, and that yoga resort I wrote about…) or Croatia. Tonight we booked a flight with Ryanair and that is not a ticket to Cuba. So I say goodbye to four star Hotel Nacional where we would swim with the movie stars and hello to famous Venice and unforgettable Croatia with the blue sea and thousand islands and green mountains and welcoming vineyards. I want to stay on a farm (agroturismo is big) and go by bike from wine bottle to wine bottle but my boyfriend was not so keen on it: “It sounds like we are retired and old”. I told him maybe we are, at least we are not twenty any more. Then I changed my mind and sweet talked him and said we could go to Brac, Vis and Hvar too and party with the jet set. I really want to go to Cuba but I think our holiday will be fantastic i Croatia. I have to this day not heared even one person say they don’t like Croatia. Plus we can splash out cash and still just spend half the money we would have put in to flight and hotel on Cuba.

Some good Swedish links:<a


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