Road trip: Istria the land of wine and honey

Posted: 3 August, 2013 in Uncategorized



We pass the new boarder. It’s the same but also different. Croatia is since the 1st of july the new member of the European Union and the signs are already up. we have left Italy’s beautiful Trieste behind and passed the dark industrial zone, crossed the thin transit area nowdays called Slovenia and entered the Croatian penisula Istria, in under an hour.
Our first stop is seaside Umage. We take a walk to see the old town and eat dinner at Santa Maria, one of the many restaurants where you almost can touch the waves with your hand sitting at the table.
We get the first taste of cevapcici, the long meatballs I associate with former Jugoslavia as we call it the first years and my childhood’s first exotic food except pizza and pasta. You find Cevapcici on ever “kanobas” menu but it is always a new recipy.
We reach Pola just before the sun sets. As we try to find our hotel (nothing more to comment there…) the huge roman arena, one of six best conserved in the world, rise above our eyes. We have seen the one in Tunisia where they shot The Gladiator but not the most famous in Rome.
Last week they held a big movie festival in the ancient arena, and when we later that evening visit we watch the crew build the stage for Leonard Cohen’s friday night show.

… To be continued!

/Miss T


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