Miramare castle – museum and marine park

Posted: 9 August, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Miramare castle - museum and marine park

Miramare castle and park is located at the edge of a cliff on the Trieste coastal road. Built in 1856 by (govenor) Maximilian of Habsburg and wife Princess Charlotte of Belgium. He was, as brother to the powerful Frank Kosef, soon offered the crown of Mexico and went there and got shot. His young wife could not handle to move back alone to the palazzo they built to rest, she moved to a less impressive house in the park but is said to have gone mad…

It’s a place of absolute beauty overhanging the sea. The house is a historical museum, the park will be restored to it’s fullness in a couple of years and WWF has a marine information center open for visitors and guidening if prebooked.
To walk in the park is free! We took bus 6 to the Miramare beach, swiming and sunbathing a couple of hours and visited the castle in the late afternoon when it’s less hot (open untill 7 pm in june-august). Good advice! If you come with car it’s easy to park but it coast 3 Euro/2 hours.

/Miss T


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