My weekend bite

My weekend is all about eating good food and meeting great friends.

Thank god it’s friday and it gives me the opportunity to celibrate with lunch at my favorite fast food court K25 in Stockholm. I will have the soft taco with chili stew (pictured above).

Tonight I am off to a pool party. My friends have a combo, celibrating to birthdays and the play off in fotboll with south american styled tapas and a hot tube in the garden for those less interested in Sweden-Portugal datetime=”2013-12-10T00:12:10+00:00″>Brasil on the tellie.

Tomorrow I just want to have a cosy day. So I guess we either go for some sushi tempura with chili majo at Ljungrens, Stockholm, or cook dinner at home. Before that we have an invitation to the opening of my cousins new exhibition. He is a photographer and showing his art at Elverket Djursholm 16/11-7/12 2013.

Sunday I want to have a sleep in waking up to tea with freshly baked scones and lots of homemade jam. Food for the soul all weekend.

/Miss T


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