Best wedding venue

Posted: 4 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


The wedding weekend in London is over but the memories will live forever. It was such a lovely fairytale dream created by Al and Kate behind medieval walls at Syon House (seen above).

We checked into close by Hilton Syon Park hotel friday noon (after some hours of bus-hoping…) and out on Sunday after some hours of truly needed spa-time. The wedding venue, a famous historical sight where the royalist and parlamentarists fought in 1700 century over the power, was a perfect choice.

The heart pounding, and sweat pouring in the non typical brittisk weather, when walking threw the great gates at Syon Hous and slowely, in too high heels, entering the impressive hall where the ceremony was to be held and violins accompained the guests entré.

After the for a Swede quite different ceremony (no hymns and no singning!) we got a glimpse of this tourist attractions beautifully decorated historical rooms as we passed them on our way to the hidden inner garden where champagne awaited us. We all thought this house was marvelous and I think most of us expected the dinner to be in a party tent in the park. But the breakfast wedding, the first meal as husband and wife, was held in The conservatory, a spectacular greenroom with a palace-like glas cupole and exotic plants. When the disco bowl was in motion it looked like dancing in the stars, almost like the hole galaxy had been invited to celibrate this sparkeling flame of love.

/Miss T


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