Devil’s tear, Lembongan

Posted: 11 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


Today I saw the power of nature in many shapes. First we went out snorkling in a small traditional catamaran. We left shore in difficult condition as huge waves rolled in knocking down the fundaments for beach huts and swolloing the white beach.

I was a little anxious but as we put on the goggles and snorkle and jumped in the sea fascination was the greatest feeling. The corals had amazing shapes and the fish looked just like in a Disney movie. I felt so liberated forcing myself to dive deeper and holding my breath in this silent under water world.

At sunset we went to famous Devil’s tear, by foot. The great waves charged with fullmoon power (past night)was the biggest I have ever seen in real life and we can now at night here them rowling outside the hut in the dark. It was with a sting of fear we saw them crush against our semi dry clif as the sun set really fast.

What an amazing world. It is to bad there is so much waste floating around. Bali (Lembongan) should be eco friendly with sun, wind- and wave energy instead we see polution between patches of paradise.

/Miss Travel


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