Fullmoon is for celibration

Posted: 11 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


Silence. No more singing under the moon. Two nights in a row a man has been chanting somewhere in the distance on the island. Now full moon has past and now only the great waves sing in the night. Here in Bali (Lembongan) fullmoon is an important temple ritual and yesterday we saw men and women in traditional clothes, either sparkling colorful or plain white stacking gods on their head. Everywhere we saw blessed parcels of food for the gods, streets, doorsteps (ours too) and small house temples. I regret not trying to attend one of the ceremonies instead of going to a childish fullmoon party.

Here is what I found written about the importans of full moon:

“Purnama, or full moon in Bali is a special day for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate this special day hosting splendid ceremonies. Balinese believe that Purnama is a propitious day when Gods descend to the earth and give their blessing. On this sacred day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all corners of the island to satisfy and honor the gods with offerings such as food, fruit and flowers. The Balinese themselves are then blessed by performing various rituals using holy water, incense smoke, petals and rice grains.”

/Miss Travel


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