Welcome to lazy island!

Posted: 17 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


After 14 hours traveling me almost ended up in paradise. We reached Gili Air at 9 pm last night after a long day of late shuttlebus (forgot us!), even later ferry (many wanted to go and our guy had some fellow helping him… And then it was strong currents and big waves too), a ride in shuttlebus from hell for 1,5 hour with the smallest space ever between seats and the window on my side broken – and finally “bribing” some locals to cross the strait between Lombok and Gili Air in the middle of the night in an open boat. I almost forgot: Here on this island is no cars or motorbikes so when all the hourse and carts were booked we had to walk without exactly knowing the “adress”, asking people we met a long the dark dirt road and later beach if they new out place. Most did not.
“Welcome to lazy island!” said a guy in the dark bar we passed in night and yes, it sounds like a line in a Hollywood movie.
Finally we got to our hotel Diva bungalows at the beach and the bar man had the key to our simple bamboo hut. After a nights sleep, great breakfast and a sunny walk around this small Gili yesterdays bad trip vanished! The good talks with people we met will stay with me.

/Miss Travel


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