Bali: Inspirational people

Posted: 19 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


We have met some people here that give so much currage and inspiration by there choosen path.

Here at Gili air we run into one of the few Swedes, Jimmy from Karlskoga. Had a chat in a dive bar when we were out hunting for a place to stay some more nights. He invited us to come and have lunch the next day at his to be restaurant at Blue Marine dive center.

The next day we met up at the dive center. He has worked all morning preparering the bar and kitchen for opening. We are sort of the first guest but he tells us that before the grand opening he will train the kitchen staff to swedish standard for one month, one dish at the time. He wants to have traditional indonesian food on the menu and served a type of Gado Gado with water spinach, peanut butter sause and rice – only left out the unhealthy glutamate taste commonly used here, that Jimmy has set his mind to fight in his own kitchen.

He tells us he is a trained chef, has worked on some resturants but no fancy once but as a UN-military chef at mission in Bosnia and Croatia during the war. About four years ago he was washed up on this small island and did four months as a diving coach.

He stayed on, met a beautiful woman and has soon finished the building of their house, a architectural creations by one englishman discribed as the house of the Teletubies, at least the oddest house on Gili I dare to say and it is unusually big too with five bedrooms and a basement. He tells us it has been an experience to build it, he also seem to feel a bit ashamed for the low saleries the builders make but at the same time says he pays better than others and also offers dinner so they can save some of what they ern. Almost everything of the gods, both grocery and brick, has to be transported the island by boat. According to Jimmy transportation by boat and hourse (only option on the island) stands for about 30 percent of the building cost.

The first month he will only cater for the staff at the diving center, he says the opportunity to take over the resturant was a fast and reson decision. We also get to taste the delicious banana, chocolate and cinnamon smothie and the helthy veggie nation juice with apples and sea spinash, the later used in many recipes and forms in this region.

If there is some time left during the fall, when the high season transform into more humid and quiet times, Jimmy says he will do some online university courses at the very best restaurant school in Sweden, Grythyttans matakademi, connecting to marketing and food planning. It seems to me he and his girlfriend has everything set for a paradise lifestyle at Gili Air.

/Miss T


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