Inspirational people: Annika

Posted: 20 August, 2014 in Uncategorized


Annika Jonasson founded Hang on hangers some years ago to help poor woman and children in Bangkok’s Khlong Toie-district. Our third day in Bangkok we visited her charity business for an inspirational talk about goals and dreams for the project and involved women. She tells us about the hardship these women meet and that beingable to work from home making decorating hangers that Annika threw friends and family try to sell in Sweden and elsewhere actually make a difference. Annika hope to sell more hangers soon since she found an agent in Sweden but still friends coming to visit help with distribution because otherwise it takes two months by boat.
Annika Jonasson not only try to provide work for several women in Khlong Toie, she also help them as a kind of social worker and seem to be almost like a mom to some. She has promised to take the women in the network on holiday and raised money among friends enough to build two small houses for a family.
So, maybe you now understand why hang on hangers is such a great name on this hearty project. Annika Jonasson is a true rolemodell and was this year elected Smålänning of the year (Årets Smålänning) in here home region by the biggest radiostation, Sveriges Radio Jönköping. She says “sure I was supriced and happy but it also put a lot of pressure on me to succed”.

/Miss T


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