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This turn out to be a very mixed weekend. First luxury restaurant followed up by a visit to Dreamhack open2013 in Stockholm. From dining next to super producer Andreas Carlsson (Brittney, Celin Dion etc) and tennis star Robin Söderling to look at Dreamhack champion Hero fighting in Starcraft on the widescreen here.

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My friend asked on Facebook to get some help choosing where to go on his first holiday in years. He got a heap of help. I said Nice but then added Cadiz. Mexico someone suggested and Italy was popular too. “Go to Sardinia as Berlusconi did” and visit Cuba and “do the same tour as Jay-Z and Beyonce”. He told he had been in Brugge and Angkor wat and did not seem too fancy about rural Grums but later stressed he wanted to be “anywhere but here” (that spells Brussel). Who knows where he end up in a world full of promises and every advice could be as ironic as this:

“You seemed to like Berlin. But then you would have to hear all the German sausage jokes again. Those are the wurst.”



I run now and when, not only to catch the bus but to stay fit. It has crossed my mind that I should do a marathon but as time goes by never has come to it. I am a dreamer. That’s why I read the article about the Baikal Ice Marathon in a rush and feel a bit dissy when I reach the finishing line on the otherside of the worlds deepest lake – frosen of course since the 96 runners has no urge to try the Jesus trick on this trip.
If you rather run in a more urban enviroment maybe New York or Berlin is the place for you to spread your legs, the latter is said to be good for rookies since the track is easier, the climate mild and the travel (depending on where you are from) shorter. The Bailkal ice marathon on the other hand demand a health certificate and you have to have run long distance before if to be registered.
Up and coming is theme marathons. In my hometown Jönköping they run the Tomteloppet (Santa’s race) dressed up in costumes and Sommartåget with swimsuit on. There is also a shorter one where you will be followed by living dead and bloody zombies and have to “run for your life”.
On the global scene this trend manifest itself as Rock and Run that combine the sprint with music on different spots in the US. Or maybe you like me, find the Medoc Marathon in France more like your cup of tea, or should I say, your bottle of wine. This marathon is, according to Swedish finance newspaper Dagens industri, run between vineyards and you get to taste wine and cheese a long the road!
I remember when I read about all these high profile marathons and feel this odd admiration of modern men in lycra running around the world that Greece once was a proud country that left us storeys of victories and heros: “the legend of the Greek messenger Pheidippides running to Athens with news of the victory became the inspiration for this athletic event, introduced at the 1896 Athens Olympics, and originally run between Marathon and Athens (Wikipedia)”.

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“Can somebody help me translate these bills. My accountant will have a blast…”

Friend visited Tokyo during cherry blossom time to do business.

Map over North Korea that shows no light at night.

I found an article and some appalling and clarifying maps over North Korea that shows no light at night.
It is scarry that there is a person like Mr Kim Jong Un on the globe and that he seem so neglecting of the suffering of his own people. He is not only a dictator to fear but also seem like totally out contact with the rest of the world even though he has had the privileged to study abroad in Switzerland (but is said to have been avoiding influence from west). We have threw out history seen so many examples of horrifying dispots but often they at least exchange gods and favors and therefor can be influensed in some ways. Here nothing seem to matter except staying in power.
The embargos against North Korea hit the people were it hurts most, stomach and health, and leave no energy left for an uprising, I think. Maybe the last embargo I heared of will be the most efficient: The world has stopped the flow of luxury handbags to North Korea. It seems like Mr Un used the it-bags as a favors to loyal servants.
I look at the map above (and the article here) and all there is to it is darkness in every sense. I hope the Korea crisis will be managed without genocide and nuclear weapons and I start to believe that someone soon has to intervene in another way than the road of embargo. I am not an expert but I think Asia has to take a big responsibility.
I know this is a travel blog but I just had to write about this topic that everybody is talking about at the moment. As a traveller you become a member of a globe tribe in some way, distance seem to shrink the more you travel and people that seemed so far away come closer when you realise that culture is interesting but just the surface that hide the mirrow that reflect you and your brother. I want my brothers to be able to pass borders as free indivduals.
Swedish Minstry for foreign affairs last week issued a statement about the decision to advise against non-essential travel to North Korea. In South Korea people some what seem to live there life as before despite the rising tention on peninsula and no statement with advise against travelling there has been issued.

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“Sure we want to hike and visit a wine castle and do a sport camp – but after all the active travel one can long for doing nothing on an island in Thailand.”

Quote: Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet introducing an article about Koh Phangan that is just spot on for me and give me warm flashbacks of easy days spent there doing yoga in the jungle house, swimming in the green blue sea and hanging out with new friends from all over the world.

Samoa air plan to charge passengers for not only luggage weight but also how heavy themselves are on the scale! I remember one time, I tried to catch a last minute flight from my small hometown to Stockholm. They said it depended on the weight of the other american passengers if they could take me on board. I was pussled. There was enough seats but… I got on and inderstood why they worried – the americans was huge and the plan had only about ten seats. I did not even see it at first behind the one store high building.

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