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Today I clashed out on my boyfriend. We both love to travel but has quiet different approach to booking.
I just set my standard, look for the great location and okey location and then put two and two togather until I get a good hotel for good money. The process is always rather fast.
My boyfriend on the other hand always want the best and can go on and on for ever to chase a better offer and takes ages to decide. Tonight I just did not have the energy.
My energy levels are pretty low at the moment. I want to have vacation now! But I really can’t be bothered with the booking procedure at the moment.
Most time I love the fact you can book any hotel anywhere and it is just a click away, but sometimes I miss that professional expertise you get at a passionate travel agency. Blogs and friendly advice on the net is not always enough. Also, pictures sometimes lie a lot.
I ended up shouting “I rather stay home than going threw a procedure like this”. He wanted to book a nice modern boutique hotel and I wanted spa with a view. Close to La Rambla.
Did I forget to tell you, we are going to Barcelona? I have not been there, nor my boyfriend. You know the feeling when you don’t have a clue.
At last we decided he is going to book a hotel. I don’t care as long as it has everything I want! 😉

If you are looking for a bargain try that list secret booking to luxury hotels. I have not tried, yet, but a friend to us did and got lots of stars for less.


My weekend bite

My weekend is all about eating good food and meeting great friends.

Thank god it’s friday and it gives me the opportunity to celibrate with lunch at my favorite fast food court K25 in Stockholm. I will have the soft taco with chili stew (pictured above).

Tonight I am off to a pool party. My friends have a combo, celibrating to birthdays and the play off in fotboll with south american styled tapas and a hot tube in the garden for those less interested in Sweden-Portugal datetime=”2013-12-10T00:12:10+00:00″>Brasil on the tellie.

Tomorrow I just want to have a cosy day. So I guess we either go for some sushi tempura with chili majo at Ljungrens, Stockholm, or cook dinner at home. Before that we have an invitation to the opening of my cousins new exhibition. He is a photographer and showing his art at Elverket Djursholm 16/11-7/12 2013.

Sunday I want to have a sleep in waking up to tea with freshly baked scones and lots of homemade jam. Food for the soul all weekend.

/Miss T

A nice problem?

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“The door to the bus toalett is broken – so it can be a nice meeting point. The toalett works. Have a nice trip!”

Bus driver inform us about a small problem on the 4 hour ride between Stockholm and Jönköping.



Miss T Loves…

… to go beach style with a pleated grass braclet on golden arms.


Miss T Loves…

…a salty beach on the West coast. This is popular Tylö in Halmstad (above). One summer I tested ten beaches in south Sweden for a newspaper and this got the highest scores. Partly because it is holds so much happy summer memories of camping with friends and having a camp fire on the beach all night long – but I will not tell you about the skinny dipping under the bright August moon. This is here popstar Per Gessle (Roxette/Gyllene Tider) constantly find inspiration to his iconic summer soundtrack.

Other fab sandy beaches is Laxvik and Östra Stranden on the other side of Halmstad. Further south you can kite surf in Apelviken, Varberg, and feel rich and beautiful in the pearl white sand at Falsterbo näset! If you want multiculture and samba and a sporty boardwalk for rollerskating or snakeboard head for Ribban in Malmö.

My boyfriend, born and raised in Halmstad, stay true to his childhood memories:

“I have to say my favorite is Östra Stranden. It’s close, not deep, there is a kiosk, not too many people… I think the mini golf there is great!”

When Swedish business magazine DI Weekend list the best beaches:

• Norsta Aurar, FÃ¥rö – wild and rare.
• Bläsinge, Öland – postcard beautiful but often windy.
• Ã…sa, Göteborg – calm beach with private feel.
• Bjurö klubb, Västerbotten – North Sweden’s wild gem.
• Skreastrand, Falkenberg – classic bath cabins.
• Rörums strand, Österlen – packed with people but beautiful Mediteranien sea feel.

/Miss Travel


If you eye one thing this week…

…visit Limmareds glasbruk and museum. The industrial part makes all the world’s Absolut bottles but the museum has a lot more to offer: hand made modern glas in a new exhibition (pictured above) and old heritage items in a permanent show.

/Miss T


“A little bit chocked by the fact that my premium fika for me and my kid at Centralkonditoriet i Väderstad costed under hardly 50-bill. Bun, noisettemazarin, chocolat ball, coffee and soda = 49 SEK”

Editor in chief travelling threw summer Sweden and experience countryside prices (49 SEK = 4,5 Euro).

Other bargain places to go for a Swedish fika:

• Börjes in Tingsryd: coffee 1,50 SEK and schrimp sandwich 19 SEK.

• Fiket i Ödeshög: Two soda, sponge cakes and buns 38 SEK.